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SMG is your number one source for Lytec Add-on Products!


The following software products are available for Lytec Medical Software versions thru 2024.  These programs have been tested and certified by SMG and used successfully in many Lytec practices and billing services.  Please call us for additional information.

Document Manager

Go paperless with MasterScan!  

Store your paper records electronically - including insurance cards, chart notes, lab reports, insurance EOB's, licenses, encounter forms, etc.  Complete integration with Lytec allows documents and images to be attached to Patients, Insurance Companies, Locations, Facilities, etc.

Reporting Module

New ReportsPro Reporting Module for Lytec!

ReportsPro generates more than 55 additional reports for Lytec including Payor Mix by Visit Count, User Productivity Analysis, RVU Report by Provider, Physician Quality Reporting (PQRS) Export and Multi-Practice Analysis.  Most Reports print to Excel allowing for easy manipulation.   Call for a complete listing of reports.

New York 
Workers Comp (C4)

Generate New York Workers Comp C4 Forms!

This Lytec Add-on generates the complete 4-page New York Workers Comp C4 form  (including the OT/PT-4, PS-4, MG-1 & MG-2 forms).  Simply enter a bill into Lytec, add Workers Comp information to the C4 Entry Screen,  and print or save to a PDF.

Electronic Claims

Send your claims in ANSI 5010 (837P) Format!

ClaimsPrep allows Lytec to produce electronic claims in ANSI 5010 format. It is ICD-10 ready and handles secondary and tertiary claims and supports resubmissions and voids.  ClaimsPrep also handles Ambulance claims.  It is compatible with Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and commercial carriers.   

BillFlash Patient Statements

Send your Patient Statements Electronically!

Billflash professionally produces and mails your Lytec Patient Statements.  Simply print your statements to a file, upload it and you are done.  No more printing, sorting, folding, stuffing, sealing & metering!  BillFlash allows you to review your statements and remove the ones you don't want.


Automate your Patient Reminders!

If your practice is dependent on appointment attendance, AutoRemind will provide you with an advanced appointment reminder solution at an attractive price.  AutoRemind works with Lytec and sends out customizable phone reminders, text messages, and email reminders to your patients.

Lytec 2024 is now available! 
Call Deanna for details  888-209-2322  x325

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