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New Lytec Reports Add-on Module!

With ReportsPro you get 56 Additional reports for your current Lytec program!   This inexpensive add-on includes many reports requested by our Lytec user community.  This is a perfect add-on for billing services!  ReportsPro will allow you to run reports  across practices.   

Report Examples

Payor Mix by Visit Count

Insurance Charge Analysis

User Productivity Analysis

  • ReportsPro Lite - includes 56 additional Lytec Reports!
  • ReportsPro Premium - 56 additional Lytec Reports plus the ability to modify and add new reports!
List of Reports
  • Monthly Procedure Code Analysis

  • Billings with Non-Zero Balances

  • Multi-Practice Practice Analysis

  • Patient Diagnosis Codes

  • Patients By Insurance

  • Patient List

  • Payment Totals Report

  • Physician Quality Reporting (PQRS) Export

  • Patient List by Location

  • Charges & Payments Summary by Pat Code

  • Patient Mail by Appointment Dates

  • Patients Billed

  • Payer Mix by Category

  • Payer Mix by Adjustments

  • Payer Mix by Charges

  • Payer Mix by Payments

  • Payer Mix by Patient Chart

  • Payer Mix by Visit Count

  • QCH Export

  • Referring Physician Analysis

  • Reimbursement by Diagnosis

  • Reimbursement by Facility

  • Reimbursement (Payment Application) Rpt

  • Reimbursment by Facility Detail

  • RVU Report

  • Transaction Code by Location

  • User Productivity Report

  • Patient Age at Date of Service

  • Days in Aging by Date of Service

  • Anesthesia Units Billed

  • Appointment Collections Report

  • Patient Emails by Appointments

  • A/R Totals Aging With Expected By Date 1st Billed

  • Biopsy Billing Report

  • Categorized Transaction Journal

  • Charts and Billing Numbers

  • Charge Reimbursement by Zip Code

  • Detailed Charge Extraction Data with Payments

  • Charges with No Locations

  • Collections Export

  • Procedure Reimbursement by Month

  • Procedure Code Analysis Detail

  • Procedure Code Analysis Summary

  • Procedure Code Ledger

  • Deposit Detail Report

  • Deposit Summary Report

  • Diagnosis Code Analysis – Top 100

  • Date of Service Listing

  • Facilities Charges by Insurance

  • Patient Listing by Facility

  • Hospitalist Charges

  • Hospitalist Charge Counts

  • Insurance Charge Analysis with Expected Amts

  • Linked Transaction List

Lytec 2024 is now available! 
Call Deanna for details  888-209-2322  x325

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