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APRIMA EHR is here!

Works seamlessly with Lytec Practice Management!

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An comprehensive EHR solution


Use Your Current Lytec Billing Software

Increase Clinical Staff Productivity 

Manage Your Practice More Efficiently

Enhance the Quality of Care

Includes a User-Friendly Patient Portal

Add EHR functionality to your Lytec solution without disruptions or time-intensive implementations with APRIMA.  Built to work seamlessly with your existing Lytec installation, APRIMA delivers the advantages of electronic documentation, patient portal and accurate charge capture in an easy-to-implement and use web-based solution.


Charting allows you to review and update your patients’ information, create visit notes seamlessly with customizable templates and use an Intelligent Order Entry system that brings everything you need to treat your patient directly into your note workflow.

Tracking Board

The Tracking Board allows you to see which patients are checked-in and need to be roomed, monitor their length of stay in a room, follow-up on new orders, and immediately access patients’ charts to continue their visit or mark them for checkout all from a single screen.


The Check-In/Check-Out module allows your staff to quickly understand a patient’s health benefits, update those benefits if necessary, do real-time eligibility checks, & collect copays or prior account balances before the patient is seen by the provider.

Rules Manager

Rules Manager is a robust, customizable clinical rules and reminders engine. You can enable and create automatic notifications based upon patient health conditions, age, gender, and more to ensure clinical staff can receive real-time reminders for health maintenance. Quickly generate follow up reports to manage your patient population.

Aprima Reports

Aprima Reports allows you to access data you need to run your practice effectively. Report on financial metrics such as charges & payments, accounts receivable and payer mix, and trending data. Multiple predefined clinical reports as well as a custom reporting tool can help you to better understand your patient population.

Practice Management

Built to work seamlessly with your existing Lytec Software,  

Aprima delivers electronic charting, a patient portal and accurate charge capture in an easy-to-use web-based solution.

Charting and Billing functions streamline your front and back office workflow while ensuring timely and accurate revenue cycle management.

Lytec 2024 is now available! 
Call Deanna for details  888-209-2322  x325

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