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Introducing our Lytec Hosted - Pay Monthly!

Access your Lytec in the cloud  - anywhere, anytime!

Cloud Based Lytec - Anywhere, Anytime!

Lytec Hosted

Pay monthly - no large upfront purchases

24/7 Internet access to your Lytec

Lytec Support is included!

All upgrades and updates are included

Automatic Lytec nightly backup

No File Server necessary

Call 888-209-2322 x325 for pricing!

SMG has now put Lytec in the Cloud!  No need to worry about File Servers & Networks.  All you need is an internet connection.  This is the exact same Lytec you have been using for all these years... only it runs on our cloud-based server network. You don't have to layout large amounts of money everytime there is an upgrade.  You pay monthly - all updates and upgrades are included.  Lytec support is included.  Automatic nightly backup is included.  24/7 access to your Lytec is included.
Lytec Hosted will also give you all the new features of Lytec 2024 including a completely redesigned Accounts Receivable Tracking Module,  an integrated Appointment Reminder System, an Enhanced ICD-10 Search Tool, Enhanced Eligibility Checking, Customizable Charge Entry Edits, Payment Processing Improvements and a brand new Mobile App!

Lytec 2024 is now available! 
Call Deanna for details  888-209-2322  x325

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