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MasterScan Features
  • No need to double-enter data — MasterScan uses the patient lists, providers, insurance companies, and locations already stored in Lytec.
  • Can function on its own as a standalone system

  • Store insurance cards, medical records, statements, EOBs, X-Rays (DICOM), superbills, blood tests, and more.

  • Automatically cross-references between patients, insurance information, and other data.

  • Extremely customizable, so you can label and store documents any way you like

  • Can be used in interactive office environments or for archiving purposes

  • No more lost or misplaced documents.

  • Intuitive Windows Explorer-like cabinets and folders make it simple to find documents with virtually no training.

  • For efficiency, documents are stored on your disk drive, not in your database.

  • Helps ensure HIPAA compliance is maintained

MasterScan Document Manager
Lytec Add-on Module for Scanning!

Go paperless with MasterScan!  

Store your paper records electronically - including insurance cards, chart notes, labs, EOB's, licenses, encounter forms, etc.  Complete integration with Lytec allows documents and images to be attached to Patients, Insurance Companies, Locations, Facilities, etc.

MasterScan Document Management for Lytec
MasterScan Screens

Define Document Types

Scan in an Insurance Card

Scan in an Insurance Claim

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Lytec 2024 is now available! 
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